Vehicle Technologies

At Ford Otosan, we act as the global engineering center for Ford Motor Company’s (FMC) heavy commercial vehicles, and also function as the support center for Ford’s light commercial vehicle design and engineering. Spreading across a wide range from the B-platform to heavy commercial vehicles, we carry out design and development work for vehicle systems and parts.

The new generation Transit Connect that we developed for the light commercial vehicles segment was recognized with the “International Van of the Year” award in 2014 as a result of our successful work with our leading role in engineering.

The Transit Courier, with all engineering undertaken by Ford Otosan, is Ford’s first light commercial vehicle on the B-platform, and has been awarded the “What Van of the Year” prize in 2015 in the small commercial vehicle category.

The R&D activities focused on Ford Trucks vehicles (trucks and tractors) make up an important part of our operations. All the design and development work is carried out at our R&D centers. The journey that we embarked on with the Cargo Truck upon signing the licensing agreement with Ford Motor Company in 1977 still continues today under our leadership with all intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to Ford Otosan.

Designed by 1,200 R&D employees, with 500 PS power, 2.5-meter cab width, and advanced technologies, our new tractor F-MAX is a pioneer focusing on the technologies of the future. F-MAX, which was tested in 11 countries across four continents for 5 million kilometers, won the International Truck of the Year Award at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hannover, where it made its world debut. Our R&D engineers are currently working on Turkey’s first locally developed transmission, which will be installed in Ford Trucks vehicles in 2020.

We also introduced our first concept truck F-Vision to the world at the International Truck of the Year Award at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hannover. Level 4 F-Vision Future Truck created in the Design Studio at our Sancaktepe R&D Center by Turkish designers and engineers in only four months, was transformed from drawings on a screen into a physical prototype. Technical requirements as well as emotional expectations are considered in the vehicle’s design that highlights modern aesthetics, and the concept truck’s philosophy is defined as ethical, rational, humane and responsive.

In 2018, we joined forces with AVL and put shared efforts into developing 'Platooning' technology. This R&D project will enable smart mobility, reduced carbon emissions, reduced fuel consumption and improved road safety. In 2019 initial road tests have been successfully completed on F-MAX, the new tractor of Ford Trucks.

Ford Otosan is a project partner to many European Unionfunded research projects, particularly the Horizon 2020 program funding. Together with leading teams of the industry and related technological fields, our teams work on a wide array of R&D activities including software innovations, development of control systems for optimum emissions in heavy service vehicles, exploration of recycling opportunities for the precious metals used in the automotive industry, modeling and testing of electric vehicles and their components, development of autonomous vehicles, development of programmable systems for smart vehicles, automotive applications of visible light communication, and 5G technologies for assisted, connected and autonomous mobility.

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