Production and Capacity


We at Ford Otosan have completed the lean line placement, and fully installed our manufacturing system via ‘Ford Production Systems’ (FPS), which in return has provided us with an edge in productivity and competitiveness that technology and lean production enables. This is why we continue to be named the best plant year after year in the audits conducted by Ford Europe FPS office.

We have been selected as the best plant to implement the switch-over process, which Ford launched in 2011 to bring together all production systems under one roof as “Global Ford Production Systems,” by adopting it rapidly and effectively also we were the first company to implement the system within the ecosystem of Ford of Europe in this manners.


Ford Otosan is Turkey’s largest commercial vehicle production company with the capability to produce 455,000 units annually.

The Gölcük plant, with 330,000-unit capacity, that manufactures Transit and Custom models, and the Yeniköy plant, with 110,000-unit capacity, where the Courier models are manufactured make up the total 455,000-unit capacity of the Kocaeli plants making it Europe’s largest commercial vehicle production base. The Eskişehir plant where Ford Trucks vehicles are produced has a capacity of 15,000 units.


In 2019, although the domestic market kept shrinking, we maintained high production levels due to strong export demand, with 369,027 vehicles rolling off the production lines. The Company operated at 81% capacity utilization rate overall on a three-shift basis while this rate was 93% at the Gölcük plant. With this outstanding performance, we at Ford Otosan manufactured 77% of the commercial vehicles produced in Turkey and continued to be Ford of Europe’s commercial vehicle production base in Europe.

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