Sustainable Transport Solutions

Our main goal in terms of development and research is to harness technology and product design skills to maintain Ford Otosan’s prestige as a globally competitive exporter of skilled engineering and innovation. The drive behind our innovation and R&D works is on developing products that will surpass competitors in eco-friendly features, and be appreciated by customers for their design, high quality, technology and driving experience.

In 1961, we became the first Turkish automotive company to initiate research and development studies, thus establishing a reputation for innovation backed by serious investment which has made us famous today as the most dedicated research and development organisation in the national sector.

Smart and Accessible Technology

As a result of the demands of modern life and rapidly-developing technology, the pace of urban living is ever-increasing. Thanks to developments in mobile communications and internet technology, and the ever-more encroaching nature of communications technology facilitating the instant flow of vast quantities of data between devices via computer-supported information systems, our daily experience of life is set to change irrevocably in a very short space of time. Smart networks, smart cities and infrastructural solutions are also beginning to spring up in response to these changes. And so, looking ahead to the future, we think there will only be increased demand for products which make life more simple, generate added value and which are eco-friendly, efficient and safe.    

Furthermore, we can expect an increase in the life expectations of various consumer groups, with the needs of an older population and lesser-abled users putting accessibilty at the fore of products and transportation. With this in mind, we aim to continue developing technology to line our vehicles with elements that can constantly keep in communication with one another, notifying drivers on developments on the road with the age of digital maps and interfaces which process traffic reports and accident warnings, thus harnessing technology in order to facilitate a greater, more enjoyable driving experience. Using the smart vehicle technology and applications we have developed, we are able to produce vehicles designed to be accessible for younger, older and lesser-abled consumer groups, ensuring lower operational costs, efficient fuel intake and a minimal impact on the environment, guaranteeing a safer, more comfortable driving experience in our products.

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