Ford Otosan adopts as principles to comply with the laws, international conventions to which Turkey has acceded, UN-Declaration of Human Rights, Global Compact of the UN, and to act based on principles of integrity, honesty, responsibility, trust and respect, and to comply with accountability and transparency. These principles that Ford Otosan has adopted since its establishment have been formalized with the Code of Ethics, which was approved by the Board of Directors in 2018. The Ethics Board, the Internal Audit and Ethics Committee, and the Ethics Assessment Board have been formed within the redesigned governance structure to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics across the Company. Furthermore, an Ethics Coordination unit has been established to address and follow through reported ethical violations effectively. All investigations are conducted in confidence. You can notifiy Ford Otosan in any question, situation or suspicion that it does not comply with laws, Ford Otosan Code of Conduct and Ethical Rules, Ford Otosan Code of Ethics and other company policies, procedures or instructions via calling 0850 305 50 10” or visiting our Ford Otosan Ethics Webiste

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