Gölcük R&D Center

Gölcük R&D Center, certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2008, was our first. The facility located within our Kocaeli Plant compound has the capabilities and the infrastructure to develop medium and light commercial vehicles as well as engine systems. The center features state-of-the-art engine and vehicle testing facilities, an exhaust gas filtration systems laboratory, and a semi-acoustic chamber.

Gölcük Engine Test Center

Our engine test center in Gölcük, which commenced operation in 2013, continues to be highly admired for its innovative approach, advanced technologies, and productivity. The center, which has provided significant contribution to several projects, and Ecotorq in particular, was also awarded in 2013 by the Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine as the “Engine Test Center of the Year”. In 2018, as a first in Turkey, Euro-6D emission accreditation was obtained for commercial vehicles. Energy efficiency was improved with the fully digitalized facility infrastructure.

Gölcük Exhaust Emission Systems Test Center

The Euro 6 Exhaust Gas Filtering System that we started to develop in 2012 is still regarded as one of the few examples in the global automotive industry in terms using a company’s internal resources for development. We continue to lead the industry in developing ATS, which for the most part is developed by system suppliers, within our own organization, and serve the industry through our Exhaust Emission Systems Test Center established in 2014 with an investment of €1.5 million. This facility located in the Gölcük R&D Center is the first of its kind to provide such services for Ford globally as well. We feel justly proud to offer the Ford Trucks vehicles renewed in 2016 with new generation Ecotorq engines and the ATS developed in this center. In 2018, As part of the development efforts for ecofriendly exhaust systems, different exhaust models were created and deposit dosing algorithms were developed.

Gölcük Vehicle and System Test Center

Our Vehicle and System Test Center in Gölcük, established in 2014, is where we conduct advanced road load simulation tests (up to 6 axes on system and parts level), durability tests, acclimatized environment life-cycle tests as well as load displacement, stiffness, and spring coefficient measurements. The center features a MAST rig, 4-poster systems, servo- hydraulic test equipment and a climatic chamber, equipped with infrared lights to create a testing environment ranging between -42 °C and +85 °C, and ensure 10-90% RH humidity control. This area allows for thermal aging, body system life-cycle tests under extreme conditions, and cold start drivability tests. Performance tests of mechanical fittings are carried out with a special pneumatic system and software.

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