Eskişehir R&D Center

We opened our second Engine Test Center at the Eskişehir compound in 2014, after the Gölcük Engine Test Center. This center, which was opened in only 4 months and cost €3 million, leads its peers in the world with its advanced technologies, and is the first facility in Turkey with the ability to conduct tests on 13+ liter engines. The center’s expertise in developing engine and vehicle prototypes, and testing them has been certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in early 2016.

Eskişehir Prototype Engine and Transmission Assembly Center

In this center, where all prototype engines for our projects are produced, engines can be assembled concurrently in six stations. All information required to design all equipment used in the assembly and dismantling of the engines is available. All collected data is monitored instantly via computers. Before the assembled engines are shipped to different locations, they are hot tested and then signed off. The Center also supports the global Ford organization. Life tests of uniaxial joints can also be performed at the Center.

Since 2017, transmissions of heavy commercial vehicles can be assembled and dismantled. The existing prototype assembly stations, with their flexible structures, are at a level to assemble different prototypes when needed.

Eskişehir Engine Test Center

The Center conducts development and durability tests on Ecotorq engines that meet Euro 6 norms in 5 different rooms, and also serves global Ford. One of the most interesting R&D projects within the scope of Ecotorq is the Single Cylinder Research Engine, a high technology product designed from scratch. This engine, designed by the Sancaktepe R&D Center and built at the Eskişehir R&D Center, enables the development of new combustion technologies.

The center where engines as well as vehicle exhaust and urea systems can be tested is also utilized for different projects. For efficiency and sustainability purposes, a closed-circuit cooling tower supports the Center, which also has the capacity to test exhaust gas filtering systems at vehicle level. Since the entire building is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, it can be accessed from different locations to examine the requested data. Engine tests can be conducted with remote access while the infrastructure is monitored by an automation system.

Since 2018, the test chambers are capable of testing at “sea level” conditions, thanks to special equipment. Testing capabilities of the three test chambers have been improved, as the Center can now conduct tests that resemble to those of emissions. In 2019, technological infrastructures have been put in place to perform alternative fuel (CNG, LNG) applications in heavy commercial vehicle engines.

Eskişehir Vehicle and System Testing Center

This 1,250-m2 area was designed to assemble, dismantle and check nine heavy commercial vehicles concurrently.

Eskişehir Vehicle Test Track

The test track built to serve the Eskişehir R&D Center has made it possible for us to conduct all vehicle road tests that require a special track in our own compound. Vehicle endurance tests are carried out on the track, which have special surfaces. The tracks are also used for design development activities, which improve vehicle characteristics like vehicle dynamics, driving comfort, and cabin noise levels. A special section is dedicated to testing smart drive support systems. Static cabin crash tests of the heavy commercial vehicles can be performed at the facility. Since late 2019, payload tests can also be tested in heavy commercial vehicles.

Eskişehir Single-Cylinder Research Engine

In the laboratory with two modules including an optical module where a combustion image up to 110 bars of incylinder internal combustion pressure can be captured and the high-pressure module where tests up to 310 bar incylinder internal combustion pressure can be performed, basic research can be carried out for engines with a 1-2.5 liters/cylinder unit cylinder volume. The laboratory and the single-cylinder research engine, which allows for advanced emission  measurements of different combustion mechanisms, alternative fuels, and combustion system equipment, were designed and developed by our teams with local cooperation.

Eskişehir Powertrain Systems Testing Center

This is the first test center capable of conducting heavy commercial transmission tests in Turkey. Transmission test systems are the only example in Europe in terms of test methodology. Two new  transmission test chambers were built, and the existing two engine test chambers were converted into the transmission test chamber. The chambers were designed flexibly for conversion, allowing engine or transmission tests to be performed depending on the requirement. These chambers also enable testing of clutches, clutch linings and gear systems, as well as VECTO (efficiency) simulations.

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