Sancaktepe R&D Center

Launched with an investment of TL 68 million, our Sancaktepe R&D Center spreads on 38,000 square meters of covered area, and operates as a facility with a modern and dynamic architectural design to accommodate 1,500 staff.

The Sancaktepe facility was named an R&D Center in 2014 in accordance with Law No. 5746, and replaced the Gebze Engineering Center where we operated since 2007. 

Sancaktepe R&D Center is the biggest R&D center operating at one location in Turkey. As of 2014, it is the biggest R&D center in the Turkish automotive industry, and the second biggest in the whole of Turkey. Furthermore, it is one of Ford’s major R&D centers globally.

Sancaktepe R&D Center, built on 35,000 square meters, and featuring a 2,300-square meter laboratory area, is equipped to conduct all R&D activities from the design of a vehicle all the way to driving it on the road.

The Center plays a pivotal role in our R&D activities, which can be categorized under the main headings engine development engineering, computer assisted analysis and design, transmission systems development engineering, and electronic engine management. The Center boasts Turkey’s first Virtual Reality Laboratory (CAVE), the Embedded Systems and Software Development Laboratory (HIL), and a Design Studio; all infrastructures intended to support R&D activities. The Material Analysis Center launched in 2019 within Sancaktepe R&D Center conducts Material Characterization and Damage Analysis studies.

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