Listen From Ford Otosan Employees

Name Surname: İpek Duman
Position Name: İnnovation Senior Specialist

I am responsible for the in-house entrepreneurship program and open innovation activities within my company. I closely follow innovations, latest trends, and initiatives in the automotive world. We work in contact and coordinate with many units within the company. Outside of the company, we are in contact with start-ups and we work on collaborations.

In terms of the educational opportunities that my company provided me, I saw this place as an extension of the university after school.

I also feel lucky to be able to work with positive and leader managers who improve my decision-making skills.

Name Surname: Vedat Hakan Demirsoy
Position Name: Marketing Product Senior Specialist

After working as Product Development and Design Engineer in the engine design team for 5 years, I have been working as Ford Trucks Domestic Market Product Specialist for the last 2 years. In addition to my coordination duties between the field and R&D, I listen to the voice of the customer and ensure that the necessary product improvements are implemented. Thanks to Ford Otosan's kinetic program, while gaining new experiences in marketing, which is a very different world from the world of design and analysis, I recommend to my other colleagues in the company to evaluate such rotation possibilities.

Name Surname: Beyza Atar
Position Name: Electric Motor and Transmission Systems Engineer

I graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Control, and Automation Engineering in 2019. I had started my career life at Ford Otosan when I was a student. I was working as a long-term intern in the Electric Powertrain team in 2018 and later joined the Ford Otosan family as an Electric Motor and Transmission Systems Engineer. I carry out electric vehicle modeling and simulation works in domestic and international projects.

Name Surname: Ece Patır
Position Name: Prg. Commissioning & Change Management Engineer

I am responsible for new vehicle commissioning and engineering transitions at Ford Otosan. In this process, I am in contact with many different teams, especially the purchasing, product development, and production departments, while performing my work. In addition, I constantly work in cooperation with all our suppliers to implement our projects in the most efficient way.

I am happy to work with my teammates and managers who help me improve myself continuously in my company, and my learning process continues all the time.
I continue my sports activities, which I previously continued with Ford Otosan Sports Club, and I am proud to represent our company in the best way with my teammates at the Koc Olympics.

I can describe Ford Otosan as the largest automotive company in our country, a company that constantly adds value to its employees and our country, is a leader, always developing and developing, and where you will do your job with passion.

Name Surname: Elifnur Kösemen
Position Name: Production Technologies Engineer

I work as a Production Technology Engineer at Ford Otosan Yeniköy Factory Assembly Unit. I am responsible for the mechanical maintenance of the assembly line. I see the competence of effective communication and coordination with in-house units and other companies outside the company, which is the basis of the maintenance organization, as an advantage that Ford Otosan brings to its employees. 

In addition to maintenance activities, I continue my graduate education with Ford Otosan's support for continuous learning and development. I also carry out my thesis studies to increase the applicability of additive manufacturing technologies in our company with 3D printers, an area that is currently open to development and is open to development within Ford Otosan. As a newly graduated engineer, Ford Otosan, where I first stepped into business life, progresses in a dynamic flow every day where my theoretical knowledge turns into practice and every action taken provides new knowledge and experience. I am very happy about being a part of Ford Otosan, which supports its employees in every way.

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