Are there any rotation opportunities in Koç Group companies and Ford Otosan?
We support rotation within the company and Koç Group companies. Group companies first open their postings within the community and provide opportunities for employees, and in cases where resources cannot be found inside, the process of selecting candidates is carried out by external postings. After gaining 2 years of experience in your location, you can also take advantage of the rotation opportunity.

Is there a specific dress code in Ford Otosan?
Ford Otosan does not have a dress code. We decide how we should dress according to the nature of our job. While managing this awareness not with written rules, but with the guidance of our common culture, we do not compromise on dress codes suitable for occupational health and safety.

What awaits me after I start my job at Ford Otosan?
Your orientation training will be organized by the training and development unit after you start your job and you will be informed.

Will I be able to work abroad at Ford Otosan?
You will be able to work at Ford locations abroad.

What is the age distribution of Ford Otosan employees?

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