Apply for an Internship

Apply for an Internship

We are happy to welcome all university students who are interested in the automotive industry to our Future Designers Summer Internship Program, which allows you to put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience in business life.

Throughout the internship program, we aim to contribute to the development of university students by involving them in processes and projects and embark on a journey together to identify potential young Ford Otosan talents for our company.

If you're interested in our Future Designers Summer Internship Program, you can join during the application period by clicking the link and follow the upcoming notifications on our social media!

What are we looking for?

• Completion of your mandatory internship and insurance coverage provided by your school, 
• Being a 3rd or 4th-year student in related departments required by the position,
• We expect you to have a good command of English (Upper Intermediate level and above).

In Future Designers Internship Program process goes step by step;

  •      We open our applications and publish them on our social media accounts.
  •      After the application period ends, we complete the pre-selection process according to our         criteria.
  •      We provide positive or negative feedback to all applicants and we share our English test           with candidates who meet our criteria.
  •      We conduct HR interviews with candidates who successfully complete the English test stage.
  •      After successfully completing the interview period, applicants will be ready to be part of the Future Designers Internship Program.
  •      Before starting the program, interns should provide the necessary paperwork and health processes.

Future Designers Summer Internship Program at Ford Otosan!


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